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Final Assembly was formed on March 17, 2011 at the Main St. Bar (Wetmore/ Thousand Oaks) in San Antonio, TX. Before banding together, all three members had worked with one or another at various companies over the last decade. Ironically enough, each had a mutual friend in one another and it was a matter of time that all three would unite to bask in musical bliss and rockdom together. Thanks to the Main St. open jam, this reality came to fruition and a new boss group was born.

FA plays a variety of metal, grunge, and rock classics only to their perfection...or for as long as they can hold it together!

Our Personal Motto:

"We're about dedication to the music we love and are committed to bringing great entertainment to each and every one of you. The production lines are now up and we're hiring new operators everyday! The FA boys only have only one purpose in mind...to RAWK your damn faces off. Can you handle that or do we have to find someone else to take your spot? Come see what we're all about! We are about playing loud enough to make your face jiggle without being fat. If you can still hear yourself at the end of the show, then we need to play LOUDER!"

Our Influences are Metallica, Black Sabbath, UFO, AC/DC, Green Day, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Saxon, Nirvana, and about every rock band you can think of that's cool...


 Jeremy "GermZ" Alvarado - Bass/Backing Vocals

Adam "Adam 12" Geckler - Drums

Malcolm "Big Mac" McEachern Guitar/Lead Vocals

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